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 Hi all, Here a brief overview of our 2 day adventure on Fraser Island with Fraser Island Explorer Tours. Here is a link to our trip in video format. We were picked up from our accommodation by our tour guide who then picked up some more of our group and headed to the barge to go across to the Island. It was very smooth no seasickness this time :) We got on the 4x4 wheel bus and headed inland to Lake Mackenzie. This was a very picturesque spot. The water was very cool and the sand as white as we've seen it. After this we headed to Central station , the old tree clearing head quarters. Next we headed for Lake Wobby which was a 45 min trek in and 45 out across lots of sand. It sits on a big sand-blow which will eventually disappear. A small fresh water lake with a couple of cat fish in it. Then off to our accommodation for the night. The next day we headed out to run the beach pretty much all day heading all the way up to Champagne Pools. We eventually w
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Hervey Bay and the case of the missing whales.

 Hi lovelies, It has been some 8 months since our last post.  Travel around the world has certainly changed in 2020. We had not planned to do too much traveling in the first half of the year, but we quickly discovered that us making that decision and the government telling us that we won't are two very different things. :-). Feeling the need for a bit of a break, and a touch of fishing we headed for Hervey Bay on Wednesday. We had a great drive up, even managed to stop for a quick chat with the lovely Shirley in Cooya.   On Thursday we headed for a quick trip to the information centre.  To my surprise Robbie wanted to book another whale watching cruise.  We spoke at length to the agent there and finally chose what was supposed to be the calmest day for the next week.  It was then off for a drive along the coast line from Point Vernon to Urangan.   The day was beautiful, though there were large patches of mist/fog that hung around some of the coast.  We had a lovely wander along the


Hi all, Well our cruise finally came to an end yesterday. It was a blast and we both had a great time over the 2 weeks. Too many highlights to mention but we did enjoy the smaller towns we visited on the river. We did a couple of things yesterday before we disembarked today. We had a canal boat cruise through the narrow canals here. Did you know 1/3 of the Netherlands is water?  They have at least 3 unusual things here. 1 - More bikes than people. Bikes have more rights than people!! They have special lanes all through the city as car spaces are very few and expensive to own or park. Around $8-12 AUD a hour to park. Most people have 2 bikes, 1 a each end of the journey so you ride to the train or whatever then you leave that bike there go to work etc and pick up your other bike at the other end. Rain hail or shine they ride bikes and are crazy like Parisians in their cars!! You have to watch out for bike more than cars!! This is at the train station only par