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Our few days.

Hi lovelies,

I know it has been a few days.  We have moved from Jervis Bay and are now at the lovely town of Batemans Bay. 

On Saturday we headed off to Moruya to check out the local markets.  It is about 1/2 hour south of Batemans Bay and quite a pleasant drive. The markets were quite large and had lots on offer.  Our purchase for the morning was a pair of gloves for me.  It has been a bit chilly here.

From the markets we took a trip to Moruya Head to see if we could see any whales.  None appeared this time.  The rock formations at the lookout were really quite special. 

As were these gorgeous little fellows who were playing at the nearby beach.

It was then off to the village of Mogo.  We had passed this on the way to the markets and decided it would be worth a stop on the way back. 

I found a scrapbook store.  Ladies if you thought I packed a lot into the 'Patch', you have not seen anything.  What this lady had in her store was a sight to behold.  She did hold classes, but I…
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Lots of animals.

Hi lovelies,

For the past couple of days we have been blessed to see such an array of wildlife.

Yesterday we had to take a trip back down to Ulladulla to retrieve Robbie's wallet which had been found by a very honest shopper and returned to Woolworths.  He actually lost it last Thursday but we did not notice until the weekend.  A number of phone calls to places we had been to try and find it, and were praising God when Woolies said they had it.

On the way home we did some detours into different bays around St George's Basin.  A number of lovely spots.

Driving down the main road we were amaze to see this massive mob of kangaroos.  They were not at all scared of us, so we stopped to grab a photo or two.

We also spotted these two characters who were decorating a front yard.  One just for decoration I hope,

 and one as the mailbox.

Today we ventured off to Booderee National Park, because I used my much loved "let's go for a walk" phrase. 😆.

The first stop was to see…

Jervis Bay and the whales

Hi lovelies,

Yesterday we headed an hour north to Jervis Bay because we saw it on the way through and decided to come back for a longer visit. It's a really nice spot. We are camped on the river about 2 mins from the main-town area of Huskisson. This sits right on Jervis Bay.

Jervis Bay can fit 2 1/2 Sydney Harbours inside it!! It is 10 nautical miles East to West and North to South. The naval base HMAS Creswell, sits to the right side of the bay looking out and is a training and operation base. We have at present a naval boat about to be decommissioned (on 29Jun after 33 years) sitting in the bay. HMAS Success ,which is basically a floating oil tanker to resupply naval boats in operation.

We had a wander yesterday around some beaches. We walked along a couple but one is said to have the whitest sand in the world. Yes it really is very white not yellow colour of lots of sand beaches.

Today we decided to go on a whale watching trip out through the heads into the "Humpback Hig…