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Cowra to Bathurst

Well we are wandering home slowly, so we stopped in Cowra for 2 days then onto Bathurst for a week to do a bit more sightseeing.

We found some interesting sights in Cowra including the railway museum, and the POW camp.
We found the railway history museum interesting because we could wander through the old carriages and look at the round house workshop. My father was a railway man years ago so it was good to remember some things from way back.

One was the toilet where you had to 'hold it' while at the station as the it goes straight onto the track! The old style 1st class and 2nd class seating and sleepers was cool to see again.

Loved seeing the old engines and rail cars as well. The round house used for servicing trains in the shed was good to see as well.

Cowra was the POW camp in the 2nd world war as it was isolated and the sight of an army training unit. It housed originally Italian and German civilians who were suspected of being sympathizers at the time. Then it help Japa…


Yass to Cootamundra

Time to start heading back north today from the cold south -- or so we thought. It was a tad cold here -4.8. We headed from Yass to Cootamundra stopping at Jugiong to have a snack and check out the interesting little shops.

They have a memorial there for SGT Parry who was killed in a gun battle with the Hall gang of bush-rangers.

On to Cootamundra. a nice little town that features wide streets, Wattle trees and a huge railway station. The railway station I found interesting. It has the a huge platform and the yards run the length of the town.

We happened to be there when a train came by. It is as long or longer than the coal trains of Toowoomba. Around the back are some old rail transport for the fettlers etc. It also features a a huge old signal stand. They have an explanation of what they all mean front and back signals. Loved it!!

We ventured past Don Bradman's birthplace. They have made it into a historic house and museum.
There is an oval named after him as well.

Also next to…