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Hi all,

Well our cruise finally came to an end yesterday. It was a blast and we both had a great time over the 2 weeks. Too many highlights to mention but we did enjoy the smaller towns we visited on the river.

We did a couple of things yesterday before we disembarked today. We had a canal boat cruise through the narrow canals here. Did you know 1/3 of the Netherlands is water? 
They have at least 3 unusual things here. 1 - More bikes than people. Bikes have more rights than people!! They have special lanes all through the city as car spaces are very few and expensive to own or park. Around $8-12 AUD a hour to park. Most people have 2 bikes, 1 a each end of the journey so you ride to the train or whatever then you leave that bike there go to work etc and pick up your other bike at the other end. Rain hail or shine they ride bikes and are crazy like Parisians in their cars!! You have to watch out for bike more than cars!!
2. A lot of house are leaning as the subsoil is very wet and the…


Hi all,
Today we are in Cologne Germany famous the perfume 4711 Ice Cologne, remember it? It is also the 4th biggest city in Germany. Also the the home to Bayer the big pharmaceutical company that make lots of drugs. (no not that sort).

We got to take a another walking tour around the city. After that was a tour of the markets where we had some more gluhwein. We did check out another huge church here unreal they are inside.

It was cold raining and windy so we were not all that comfortable, so we did what we could and headed back the the warm ship.

We headed off shortly after lunch on our way to Amsterdam. We crossed the border into the Netherlands around 8pm and are slowing sailing down stream. We will arrive there in the morning to take 2 tours.

Tonight we raged a bit. Sang in the choir on board singing Christmas carols then after dinner we had a bit of a dance and sang along to some modern music.

Short and sweet tonight.

take care all -- Keep living your dreams

Rob & Liz

Rudesheim and Koblenz

Hi all,

Today takes us to 2 small towns on the Rein, Rudesheim and Koblenz. In the morning we docked at Rudesheim and took a “train” up to the magical music museum.

This museum is unique, and we have never seen anything like it before. It is full of historical collections of mechanical music machines from Pianolas to Organ grinder machines.

Most of the collection has been restored by hand to working order. The mechanical violins are amazing, and I’ve put together a video well worth a look see here.
Next, we wandered through the town looking at markets (yep that’s what we are here for) and some other shops where we spent some more of the inheritance (sorry boys).

We picked up a couple of table runners which were nice. Lizzy purchased a handmade glass bracelet and I succumbed to buying a German beer stein.

Back to the boat for lunch then we set sail again down the Rein where we saw some great sights. Along the river are lots of vineyards up the steep hills and castles which were owned …