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To the Boat Cruise

Hi lovelies,
What a wonderful sight to end our lovely day.

After a lazy sleep in this morning, we headed off for breakfast and then back to our room to pack all Robbies souvenirs. 😉

Ceramic decorations

We booked out of our lovely room and decided that as it was only 2km, that we would walk to where we were to board the Evergreen Emerald Dawn for the next leg of our adventure.

The walk was quite pleasant, and we saw some more of this amazing city.

Old religious dewlings
A walk by the Danube

We were taken aboard our ship, and taken to our cabin. It is just amazing.

Our room currently overlooks the Hungary Parliament Building. It was pretty in the day time, but as you can see it is spectacular at night. Just like a fairy tale.

Budapest by night opposite our boat - Great view

Essential items here
We unpacked and the headed to the lounge where they were offering a light lunch. It was then back to the cabin for a quick nap to recharge for the evening's festivities.

Lizzy's view at the window

Our evening began with an orientation talk, followed by a 4 course meal in the ship restaurant. They seat the all passengers at once, and it appears to run like clockwork. The meal was lovely.
Hungarian Folk music and dance

The evening was finished with a concert by a local musical group and some dancers. They were really good and a lot of fun to watch.
More fun laughing with Robbie who was roped into getting up and doing the hanky and hat dance.

Hungarian Hanky dance

A lovely start to our cruise.

All for now.

Stay safe and keep enjoying life.

Love us.


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