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New South Wales Adventure - Glen Innis and Glen Innis to Armidale.

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New South Wales Adventures - Tenterfield to Glen Innes

Hi again followers.
 Today we ventured down the road a bit to Glen Innes via Emmaville. It is suppose to be a tourist drive, but more of just a drive through the country which we didn't mind.
Booked into the caravan park where Lizzy parked the van !! Yah - well it was drive through, but I guess that counts. :)

First off a visit to the Info Centre where we picked up some touristy stuff to do. Next a walk through town to see the what was about. Some nice old buildings were found along the way, with lots of reference to the Celtic culture, tartan signs everywhere.

After lunch we ventured to the "Beardies", which is a historical set of buildings that were once a hospital, but now hold massive amounts of old memorabilia.
Beardies seems to originate from 2 Bearded men who arrived to find good pastures to settle in.

Flower of the day for the keen ones. What is it?

All for tonight lovely ones.

Stay safe and continue to enjoy life.

Rob and Lizzy

New South Wales Adventure - Tenterfield

Hi lovelies,

A little earlier start this morning than yesterday.  We were up having a lovely breakfast by 8am.

It was a little sad this morning as we said goodbye to Steph and Leo.  We have had such a blessed time with them and we look forward to catching up with them again when we head to South Australia next year.

As the weather was drizzly today we decided to head off to visit some of the nearby National Parks.  Our day consisted of dirt roads, mossy paths, lots of kangaroos and very few cars.  Gramps we are very sorry but the O Mobile is in great need of a bath.  If it rains tonight I will be sending Robbie out in his swimmers to give it a wash.

Our first stop was to see Thunderbolts Hideout.  It is a short walk through some bush to see where this apparently "gentlemanly" bushranger hid.

It was then back into the car and off to see the Tank Traps that were part of the Brisbane Line.  It is a fairly visually unimpressive place for such an important part of our history.  I…

NSW adventure - Toowoomba to Tenterfield.

Hi lovelies,

For those who sent me a message telling me I did not do a post yesterday - I know 😔.  After dinner I thought I would have a little lie down before doing the post, and well I am sure you can guess the rest.

So today's blog is 2 days - you are all so lucky.  😂.  It is a little wordy - sorry.

Yesterday we had big plans to get away just after the boys left for work.  Of course that really did not work.  We got everything organized, made sure the van was all secure, then did a final light check before leaving, and guess what - no left indicator light on the van.

After checking things out, fiddling, ringing Gramps for advice we eventually decided that we would head for the local hardware store to get a new trailer socket as there was one connection that was a little rusty and we could not undo it to check the power on it.

No socket at the first store, no socket at the second one, BUT by that time the socket had dried out and we had lights. A learning experience about maki…