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Middle Brother National Park and Cattai Wetlands

Hi Friends and Rellies following our blog, Hubbies turn to blog tonight. Busy day today, been up the bush, walking wetlands, fishing, and swimming. Read to find out what we got up to.

First we headed off to Middle Brother National Park. This is one of three mountains that came into being during the Dreamtime, with the legend of 3 brothers who died and left behind 3 mountains.

We ventured up there to see the Bird Tree, the biggest tree in NSW apparently. Yes, more dirt roads and rocky stuff up via a logging track. Lots of trees were interesting to see. It seems the Grey Gums shed there bark leaving a reddy tinge till they turn white after sometime.

  This is the Bird Tree base and looking skyward.

This is a similar tree and they seem to have "legs" which hold the weight of the tree. This one has a huge gap in the middle. It is massive as well.

After this sightseeing we ventured off to see the Wetlands at Cattai. A vegetated area brought back from farm land to restore the natu…

From Mann to Manning

Hi lovelies,

Well it is a few days since we shared our adventures.

For the last 3 days we sat around the caravan at Mann River as it was raining.

We did manage to go for a trip back to Cangai Bridge for a swim and lunch.

Saw some of the local wildlife there,

and some art work by visitors.

 We watched some beautiful birds who decided to eat some of the seed we put out for them.

We went for another swim, still in the Mann River, but down from the park.

I sorted my stash box I brought to use in my journal.

Rob did some fishing. 

Pretty chilled all in all.

Today we left Mann River and headed south for the Manning River.  We are staying in Harrington.  A lovely coastal town.

The Caravan Park is fabulous. 

Just a short drive to the beach, which of course we did today.

A drive up to Pilot Lookout.  Beautiful scenery again.

and interestingly there was a small cemetery there also.

Found some interesting characters.

A walk along the breakwater.

Saw some greedy pelicans and seagulls chasing aft…

Mann it is a lovely River

Hi lovelies,

I know, it has been a couple of days since our last blab.  We have been having such a wonderful, blissfully relaxing time.

We left the laid back town or Nimbin, and traveled
down the Bruxner Highway towards Grafton where we made a quick stop to pick up some supplies and fishing gear.

Then it was a right turn to the Gwydir Highway to the town of Jackadgery.  I know the name sound like a drink, but this beautiful piece of Australia is on the Mann River.  This town is very very laid back.  The entire town consists of the caravan park and the shop which is their office. 

It is a magic place to hide away.  The park is on the highway, though we don't hear too much noise.  And when we hopped out of the car the first time we were hit with a gorgeous lemon scent from some of the trees in the park.  I though it was a gum, but the leaves are different, and no I have not taken a photo of it yet, perhaps tomorrow.  Can't rush these things.

After getting set up we took a walk …

3 days in Nimbin

Hi lovelies,

We have spent the last 3 days in Nimbin, and have embraced the laid back lifestyle with both hands (not that we needed too much of a shove).

We left Killarney on Sunday morning, traveled through Woodenbong, Kyogle and Lismore to the Nimbin Showgrounds.

It was a lovely morning drive, and fairly uneventful, except for the flat tire when we arrived at the park.

My hero Robbie changed the tire and we got set up.  It was a little warm here so a Sunday afternoon nap was in order.

Monday we headed into the town center to see all that Nimbin had to offer.

Our first trip was to the Candle Factory.  I found this really interesting (are you shocked).  The owner chatted with us and told us how the candles are made.

 All the candles are hand dipped or poured.

Colours can be added individually with cotton buds or spoons.  The used pieces make great artwork.

I would have loved to find out how this piece was made, but I forgot to ask 😞

And the "drippings" seem as pretty as the…