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Hometown Adventures - Toowoomba and Cooby Dam

Hi lovelies,

Yesterday afternoon Robbie and I went off to visit some friends.

Robbie had made plans to go fishing with Robert, while I planned to spend some time with his beautiful wife Nelsa.  Lucky her name is not Liz or we would all be really confused. 😁

The boys set off to Cooby Dam and for Robbie it was his first time fishing from a boat on a dam.  Robert was extemely kind and supplied all the gear, as well as some excellent tuition.

We received a text from them not too long after they left saying that Robbie had caught his first fish, just 5 minutes after they launched the boat.  I think our excitement would have been on a par with theirs.  We were nearly jumping up and down with happiness that they had caught something.

They apparently had a wonderful time, with both men catching a few yellowbellies each.

Robert also caught an eel tailed catfish, which was something new for both of them.

It was after dark when they returned home, both very satisfied with the expedition, and pl…

Carnival of Flowers - Toowoomba

Hi lovelies,

Yesterday we played tourist in our town.

Toowoomba is well known for it's gorgeous gardens in the spring and the town and surrounds celebrates with 10 days of activities and floral splendor.

This is the first time in many years we have ventured out to see any of the gardens and considering the drought I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful display.

Rob, Sarah and I set off with our first stop being the Queens Park Botanical Gardens. 

The walk through these gardens is nearly all flat and so great for everyone,  We did offer to take another friend and push her around in a wheel chair, but she declined.  Perhaps she did not trust me to keep her on the path. 😉

We wandered through the flower beds, where there were magnificent displays of snap dragons, pansies, tulips and poppies and even kale to add colour and texture to the display. 

We took a slow walk up the viewing platform to see the display near the cenotaph.  The theme for this area this year seemed to be Auss…

Day 11 Adventures - Cambridge to Auckland

Well the last day has arrived before we fly out in the morning. A short drive to our visit to Zealong Tea Plantation for a tour and high tea.

We had originally decided to visit the Zealong Tea Plantation so we could catch up with Brenton.  Unfortunately he flew out of the country as we flew in.  Bad timing really.

We did have a wonderful time and Jordan was out guide for the tour.  He was a fountain of knowledge and made the tour very entertaining. 

The tea ceremony was a wonderful learning experience.  We tasted 5 different teas and it was interesting to see the tea rainbow from the 5 cups.

We finished our time there with a High Tea.  This was very yummy, and it was interesting that Robbie liked one of the savory ones best while I liked one of the desserts.

We have had a really good time in NZ driving around, sightseeing and learning lots about this country and the people, and the differences between Australia and here.
 For example -
 NZ generally put the rubbish out on the footpath…

New Zealand Adventures day 10 - Taupo to Cambridge.

Day 9 Adventures in NZ - Taupo