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It's Friday - it must be food.

Hi lovelies,

If you have visited the store on any of the past few Saturdays, you may have been tempted to try a piece of the beautiful White Chocolate and Macadamia Fudge that was brought in by the lovely Sonia. 

Sonia even brought up a tray just for me to take home.  Robbie and Andrew decided that 1 tray was not enough, so Sonia sent the recipe for them to make more.

This fudge is definitely not for those who are watching their sugar intake 

Ingredients - 
 1 can condense milk must be full fat and nestle
1 cup soft brown sugar 
125 gram butter- real butter that is
2 tablespoon liquid glucose

1 block of white chocolate
400 gram bag natural macadamia nuts.

Take the first 4 ingredients and place them in large microwave bowl  Microwave for 2 minutes 4 times. 8 minutes in total

After each 2 minutes you need to stir the mix.  Time in microwave may vary depending on voltage, but Sonia always uses 8 minutes total.

It will look funny but believe me tastes great.

Be careful as the mix is very hot and boili…