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Journey to Inverness

Today was a cool day but we enjoyed visiting a few local fishing villages talking to locals and doing a bit of sightseeing. No rush today just wandering around enjoying the sights.

We left Port Soy and headed a few miles up the road to Bow Fiddle Rock. It was nice spot to view some rock features and some abandoned art with stones. It had a some natural caverns carved by sea water.

 Stopped at Cullen a local Crayfish and fishing village. They only work during summer as the weather changes and gets rough up here quickly.

Next off to the next fishing village very similar to the last.

We stopped off a place for lunch by the sea and it was cold and windy so an outside stay was short.

Scotland day 1 & 2

Hi lovelies, Yesterday we left the beautiful Frankfurt and headed west to the delightful green land that is Scotland.

We landed in Edinburgh, and while it showed signs that it had been raining, the sky was clear. That was close to the last good news for the day. For those who read about our sad plight when we collected our Campervan in New Zealand, this one was not any better. We were to be collected from the airport, but there was no-one there. 🥺. We waited a bit then thankfully a lovely lady allowed us to use her phone to call the hire company and find out where we were to be collected. Alas, they were short staffed so asked us to get a cab and they would pay for it when we arrived. The cab driver was lovely, and gave us some advise as to how to get on the road we needed when we got our van. We arrived at the depot, filled out the required paperwork and were told our van would be about 1/2 hour before it was ready. Some 2 hours later, Robbie asked and they said it would just be a …