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This one is for the Birds- Maleny

Today we decided to take a trip to Maleny to visit the Botanical gardens and the Bird Aviary.
It was a bit overcast but fined up to a great day.

We went for wander around the gardens while we waited for the Tour of the Bird aviary. The grounds and surrounds are very well maintained and very clean. It is very picturesque with lovely ponds and views down the valley.

The Bird aviary was certainly a highlight. Within the enclosure there are 4 sections of birds. Mostly all of them are native Australian birds that have been given to the park or are there to be looked after after injury.

Most of the birds are very friendly towards visitors and have no issues jumping and climbing all over us. Lizzy got pooped on as well!! She also had some tiny silver beads stolen by the Macaws (cheeky fellows they are).

A morning at Eumundi

Hi lovelies,

We had such a fun day today.  It was a bit of a late start as it was a bit cool overnight.  I thought if I got up too early I would need to put shoes on 😆.

After breakfast we headed into Eumundi to visit the famous markets. 

We were very blessed to find a park right beside the stairs and so off we went. 

The markets are huge and we spent all our two our parking limit wandering around the stalls.  The markets host such a wide range of goods.  Clothes, candles, leather goods, wood works, jewelery and of course food stalls.

While wandering we met Jasmine.  She is such a sweetie.

Jasmin is from the Maleny Botanical Gardens and we think we might visit her again while we are here.

She is very very gentle and her owner even convinced me to have her rest on my arm.  As bird feeding is a blood sport for me.  He spoke to Jasmin and told her to be very gentle.  She stood so softly on my arm and did not draw one drop of blood.

We then went for a short walk up the main street.  Outsi…

On the road again - take 4

Hi lovelies,

It has been a bit since our last post, but we are finally back on the road and in the gorgeous town of Kenilworth.

After Inglewood we had another quick trip home to deal with yet more paperwork.  I managed to catch up with a couple of friends, and that was such a blessing.  On one of the days Rob, Andrew, Phillip, Sarah and Judy got together for a game of golf, while I did my normal buggy driving duty.  We had a lovely day, full of laughter.  Quote of the day was "we are only going to count the shots that land on the fairway".

After golf, Rob and I along with Andrew drove down to Bribie Island to spend a couple of days with my Mum and Dad.  Friday was Dad's birthday and it was lovely to be able to spend it with him.  We also caught up with one of Mum's sisters and her husband.  We spent some time picking all their brains about different aspects of van life. 

Our exploring began again yesterday and we are again sticking a little close to home until all th…