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New South Wales Adventures - Wauchope and surrounds.

Hi lovelies, Today was a wonderful summery day, and perfect for our little adventure out. We set off today with our first stop being Roto House and the Koala Hospital.   Roto House is a small house that has been restored and houses the memorabilia of the Flynn family who built and lived in the house from 1891 to 1979.   It was filled with family photos and memorabilia. There was a lovely place to have a cuppa if only we had been allowed to sit down.    Some beautiful old clothing items and lots of wonderful stories. This house is now maintained by the National Parks and Wildlife Services and out the back door of the house is the Koala Hospital. This was so cool.   The area is not large, but is very well set out and has so much information in the small area they have. In the information hall there is wonderful and great for kids and adults alike.   The ceiling has a wonderful tree canopy built into it.   The job for Jacob, Thom

New South Wales Adventures - Port Macquarie/Wauchope

Hi lovelies, I know it has been a couple of days since I wrote so I will catch you up on it all. On Sunday we went off for a drive in the morning.   Robbie did some fishing while I sat and read a book.       The weather was a bit grubby, so we did not stay to long before we headed home again. We spent the afternoon reading books and napping.    Monday we left Kendall and headed to Wauchope.   We got settled at the camp grounds, had a spot of lunch and then headed off to see some of the sights of Port Macquarie.   We headed to Tacking Point Lighthouse.        The view from the top of the hill was beautiful.    To the south was Lighthouse Beach, which seemed to stretch for an age,  to the north was a small rocky bay.    After taking in the view we went for a wander down to the rocky bay and wandered in the water.   We were amazed that it seemed like the water behind the rocks seemed to be a floor higher than the water inside th

New South Wales Adventures - Bendemeer to Kendall.

Hi lovelies, Our day off yesterday was just blissful.   After a bit of a lay in, we went for a wander to the Bendemeer Art Show.    There were a great array of painting, drawings and photography.    We spent some time walking around and admiring the pieces. We were also treated to a wonderful cuppa and morning tea.    Rob spent some time watching the wood working demonstration, while I spent time chatting with a lady who was demonstrating silk painting.    One of our top favourites was the resin pouring that had been put into logs, benches, mirrors and counters.   The second were the photos by Josh Vincent of The Unseen Forrest.   It was hard to believe that these had been photo-shopped.   They photo of trees that had doors placed into them s they looked like fairies lived in them.   Alas as it was an exhibition, photos were not allowed.   I nearly spent this weeks grocery money to buy one of them, but Robbie restrained me After that is was back to the van.