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New South Wales Adventure - Armidale

We today we ventured about Armidale on foot. We started at the markets having a look see at what they had at the farmers market. A few marketers so not much to see today really.

Off we walked around town to see the historical sights. Lots of old buildings from the early days.
 In Armidale 100 years ago you had a choice of 21 Hotels!! Today there are 9. Sorry beer lovers.

The original Bank of NSW

 These guys had a 4 displays of miniature figurines- really cool

Baptist Church
 Lots of churches within cooee of each other ; Catholic, C of E, Pressy, and Baptist. Lovely old buildings to be admired.

Catholic Church grounds - Large area. Home to the St Ursuline Convent
Pressy Church

Town Hall

Court House
This Celtic cross was erected to commemorate the first Christian service held here in 1845.

A walk through Central Park we came across some structures to commemorate efforts of soldiers in wars.
Bore war memorial band rotunda

Poppies growing
World War 1 memorial -dedicated to the fallen
Her is our van setup at the Showgrounds. A good walk to the amenities keeping us fit!!

view up to amenities

The awning has been up and down a few times due to the weather. Gramps, getting into the swing of it now. Yes we have used the BBQ quite a bit. [No you can't have it back :) ]

Flower of the day for those playing along. Nana and others what is it??

#Livingthedream #Greynomads


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