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It always involves food.

Welcome to our blog.

I decided for our first post that I would share something that is such a lovely part of our get togethers.

When we gather at The Scrap N Patch for classes, crops or just a chat, there is nearly always food involved.

Monday cards we are blessed with home cooking from Mrs A.  Caramel tarts and ginger slice  seem to be the favourite at present.  Gluten free short bread is always appreciated as I can eat it.  Thanks Mrs A.

Thursday Parchment, the ladies work on a roster to keep their strength up, and goodies include sausage rolls, quiches, fresh sandwiches and lots more.

Saturday classes depend on the ladies visiting, but the offerings include muffins, slices, cupcakes, the odd chocolate or 3 and lots more. 

Often when we have visiting tutors Robbie makes his lovely scones (my mother's recipe), or if it an evening meeting we are often treated to his wonderful gluten free sticky date puddings with caramel sauce and cream. My personal favourite.

Is it any wonder that some …