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Chesteville Three Ways

Hi Lovelies,
Today's post is a bit of a unique one!
We're showing you three different ways you can use the same paper range.
We have created a Mixed Media page, Layout and Mini Album 
using 'Chesterville' by Blue Fern Studios.

The 'Chesterville' paper acts as the perfect background or base for any project. 
The neutral, earthy colours and patterns will suit any photos and embellishments.
All three projects are very different. To see more of each project and how it's been created, 
simply click on the picture!

The first wonderful creation from this range is a Mixed Media layout. 
This layout focuses on focusing on lots of colourful embellishments and uses 
the amazing Tim Holtz Distress Oxides to create a frosted layer over the Chesterville paper.

 This layout features the page 'Bretton' which has been 
softly inked to change it to the desired colour. The coordinating Blue Fern 
flowers have also been used and come in various colours.

Finally we have a gorgeous Mini Album that incorporates muted green and peach tones. 
The Chesterville paper adds texture and patterns to the album
 whilst allowing you to personalise the page with your own 
colours, papers and embellishments.  

The 'Chesterville' range includes 10 double sided pages that are 
waiting in store for you to take home and turn into something beautiful.


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